Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.
The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.
2450 Milledge Avenue
Athens, Georgia 30602-5817

About Us

“Beautification, Conservation, Education”

Welcome and thank you for accessing our Web site. We encourage you to learn more about our organization which was founded in 1928. The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., is a non-profit educational organization with over 12,000 members statewide. There are approximately 420 individual garden clubs in our organization.

The Garden Club of Georgia's 80th Birthday Party at the Friday night Gala preceding the annual Historic House and Garden Pilgrimage

GCG is affiliated with the 198,595-member National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC). We are a very large and diverse group and encourage you to look at our events calendar. Our State Headquarters is located on the grounds of the State Botanical Garden in Athens, Georgia. In 2008, we celebrated our 80th anniversary.

The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the State Chairs of our various programs, District Directors, State Officers, and former Presidents. We have seven geographical districts: Laurel, Azalea, Oleander, Camellia, Magnolia, Dogwood, and Redbud. These seven District groups carry out the state program on a local level throughout Georgia. Our President for 2007-2009 is Sara Lanier of St. Simons Island. State Presidents serve two-year terms and provide the leadership necessary to manage such a large all-volunteer service organization.

Would you like to tour our Headquarters House? Are you interested in our Scholarship Program? Perhaps you want to learn more about our involvement in conservation advocacy. Do you want to know more about artistic floral design? Our youth activities may be of interest to you! Does your child's school grounds need improvement? Does your child want to enter our Smokey Bear or Woodsy Owl poster contest? Perhaps you want to know more about our 40-year-old Garden Therapy Program which supports gardening activities for disabled residents at State institutions. Why not participate in our annual Historic House and Garden Pilgrimage? You are encouraged to contact us and ask for additional information. We are an all-volunteer organization with dedicated and accomplished members working hard for a better quality of life for all Georgians.
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