How to Grow and Care for Alyssum Flowers
How to Grow and Care for Alyssum Flowers

Annual, Cruciferae

Alyssum plants are a tender and delicate annual. They are small and easy to grow. Alyssum are usually used as a border plant and also look really good growing in the nooks and crannies of a rock garden. They are good candidates for container gardens, too. More on Rock Gardens.

Alyssum are small plants, growing six to nine inches tall. They have a profusion of flowers, with white being the most popular. They also are available in pink, violet, purple and lavender.


Alyssum are grown from seed. Alyssum seeds can be directly seeded into your flower garden or seeded indoors for transplanting later. If planting outdoors, sow Alyssum seeds after the soil has begun to warm in the spring. Alyssum do not like frost, so if started indoors, transplant them outdoors after the last frost date.

Space plants eight to ten inches apart.

Sow seeds early in the season and cover lightly with soil. Water thoroughly once. Alyssum will begin to produce a continuous profusion of sweet smelling flowers by mid-summer.

How to Grow Alyssum Flower Plants:

Growing Alyssum is easy.

Alyssum like full to partial sun. They will do well in average soils and tolerate dry soil conditions. Water them during dry periods, once or twice per week. Soil should drain well. Add a general purpose fertilizer once a month.

Once your Alyssum are established, they will grow well until the first frost. Alyssum are tender annuals and highly susceptible to frost.

Insect and Disease:

Alyssum are somewhat resistant to insects and disease. If insect or disease problems occur, treat early with organic or chemical insect repellents and fungicide.

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