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Wholesale-Bulk-Wedding-Fresh Cut Flowers-AbacoFlowers.com-Buy Online
Miami Office
Darie Andrade
2340 South Dixie Highway
Miami, Florida 33133
Toll Free: 1-877- 4-ABACO-1 (1-877-422-2261)
Fax: 1-866-876-7747
E-mail: service@abacoflowers.com

Mailing Address
Misti Management LLC
Col 2647
P.O. Box 02-5720
Miami, Florida 33102-5720

About Us
Abaco Flowers is the most convenient way for you to buy direct from the grower, ensuring high-quality, premium fresh-cut flowers at attractive prices! We harnessed the art and passion for growing beautiful flowers with the latest in electronic supply-chain tools and services to provide unparalleled service, quality and delivery.

What is Abaco Flowers?
Abaco Flowers is the e-commerce outlet for a cooperative of privately owned farms in Colombia, South America, led by La Gaitana Farms. For your convenience and responsive customer service, Abaco is based in Miami, Florida and reachable via phone, fax or email. Also, to ensure timely delivery, logistic and coordination, the cooperative maintains an office in Bogota, which is located near to the International Airport. Our business structure ensures outstanding and consistent service.

Why Abaco Flowers?
The wholesale floral industry is going through a revolution. The traditional distribution chain is giving way to an entirely new supply-chain methodology. The traditional distribution chain is a complicated network of international shippers, freight-forwarders, importers, wholesales, distributors and ground transportation companies which takes up to 10 days for flowers to reach you. Although this chain has served the industry well for many years, it added many costs, created poor customer service, caused unpredictable pricing and - frustrating to all growers - delivered inconsistent flower quality. Ultimately, it is you, who paid the price for this inefficient distribution network.

Abaco Flowers presents an entirely new way to serve you. Our network is flat, responsive, predictable, less expensive and ensures highest flower quality. Our distribution chain is simple: GROWER to SHIPPER to YOU. From the moment the flower is cut, we will guarantee delivery to you in 72 hours or less! Our system collapses the network from 10 steps to 3 days or even less! Importantly for growers, we are now able to share our art, passion and workmanship in growing beautiful flowers controlling the harvesting, preparation and by matching delivery to fit your needs!

Working with Abaco will help generate increased sales and profits by:

* Delivering fresh-Cut-Flowers reduces store inventory levels.
* Lower wholesale prices means greater profits.
* Higher flower quality improves customer satisfaction and grows repeat business.
* Wider selection of flowers allows your creativity to bloom with new arrangements generating new customers and repeat business.
* Our order-reminder system will help plan your buying

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Marsha Williams says: 2009-04-17 17:32:00
Just to let you know that my wedding flowers were spectacular, I received what Abaco Flowers promised in time, quality and they have an excelent customer service. I strongly recommend Abaco as a supplier of fresh flowers.

Patricia Lynns says: 2010-01-13 23:30:16
Abaco Flowers supplied my wedding flowers, the roses were amazing. Abaco did what they promised me, the flowers arrived on time and they were very fresh.

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