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The flowers shown here are commercialy grown cut flowers normally available to Florists.

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Allium. Common names: Onion

Description: The main stems of these cut flowers are 60cm to 90cm long with one large ball shaped bloom. Allium is sensative to bacteria and the vase water can be contaminated by slime forming on the stems. This can be controlled by using cut flower food.

3 species are commercialy available,: Purple Sensation (Shown here) available Apr-Jun. Neopolitanun (white) availabe Sep-Mar. Sphaerocephaoln (Purple) available May-Jan..MORE

Alstromeria. Common names: alstromeria, Peruvian lily, Inca lily

Description: The main stems of these cut flowers are about 60cm long and branch into four to six short pedicels; each holding two to four flower buds. Alstroemeria typically last one to two weeks.

There are 17 species commercialy available all year. Colors include yellow, apricot, orange, salmon, pink, red, mauve, lavender, purple, cream, white and bi-colors. MORE

Meaning Aspiring

AmaranthusEn Amaranthus erect (erect) Common names: Love-lies-bleeding

Amaranthus are not well-known as cut flowers in the UK, but have no other rivals for looks and have a very exotic appearance. Their upright or trailing flowerspikes have an unusual texture like chenille.
There are two main colours, a dark red and a lime green. The same colours are found in the upright varieties, though these reds can also have dark brown tints. There is a new bronze version too called "Hot Biscuits".

Availability: The main season is June to October.

Care Tips: Remove leaves as these fade quickly and are not very ornamental. MORE

Ammi. . Common Names : Queen Annes LaceEn Ammi

Description: Ammi has the same flower shape as dill - a large umbrella-shaped head made up of lots of tiny flowers - but creamy white. The stems are more slender and smooth, and the leaves less feathery, more ferny. Ammi also has very little smell. It is mainly available in high summer.
There are two species available Ammi Majus (Shown) and Ammi Visnaga.
Availability: All year round.
Family: Like dill, it is a cousin of the humble carrot.

Anemone. Common names: WindflowerEn anemone

Description: The outsize anemones, which growers have managed to produce in the last few years, are remarkable, and perfect for placing singly in display vases to show off their fragile beauty. Their ferny leaves make a perfect frame for the flowerheads.
Colour: Vibrant shades of red, purple and pink, with jet black hearts ringed with white. The all-white anemone is rare, it has a yellow-green heart.
Availability: Main season September to May

Care Tips: Anemones do not like being out of water for any length of time and take water in quickly, so water levels should be checked regularly. However they should not be placed in water that is too deep. MORE

Anethum. Common names DillEn Anethum dill

(Anethum graveolens) is a short-lived annual herb, native to southwest and central Asia. It is the sole species of the genus Anethum
It grows to 40-60 cm tall, with slender stems and alternate, finely divided, softly delicate leaves 10-20 cm long. The ultimate leaf divisions are 1-2 mm broad, slightly broader than the similar leaves of Fennel, which are thread-like, less than 1 mm broad, but harder in texture. The flowers are white to yellow, in small umbels 2-9 cm diameter. The seeds are 4-5 mm long and 1 mm thick, and straight to slightly curved with a longitudinally ridged surface. Available June - Oct. MORE

Amaryllis (belladonna). Common names: Belladonna lily, Jersey LilyEn Amaryllis

The rosy-pink bell shaped fragrant flowers bloom on top of 24 inch stalks.MORE

Meaning Pride; Timidity

Anigozanthos. En anigozanthos Common names:kangaroo paw, kangaroo's paw or monkey paw.

Description. It has long furry, velvety buds that open at the tip of the stems producing tubular-shaped flowers.
Colour: Ranging from bronze, orange and yellow-green to pink and red. The black kangaroo paw is Maropidia fulginosa.

Care Tips: It can last up to three to four weeks. Re-cut the stems once a week to aid water uptake.
Availability: All year round. Four species are currently available. MORE

Anthurium. Common names: Anthurium, Tailflower En Anthirium

Description: A tropical flower, anthuriums have strange petal-like bracts, that are red, pink, white or green. The blooms are glossy like patent leather. As a cut flower, anthuriums live two to three weeks.

Availability: All year round. Care Tips: They last three weeks or more. The flowers should not be chilled. The bracts are fleshy and very easily bruised - take care when transporting or arranging these fabulous flowers. MORE

Antirrhinum. Common names: Antirrhinum, Snapdragon

Description: These tall-spike stems usually have fully opened florets upon arrival with the buds on the upper portion showing a hint of color. Colors include pink, purple, lavender, white, yellow, orange and burgundy. Snapdragons are available year-round and will last five to 10 days.

Special care: Snapdragons drink lots of water, so check water level frequently. MORE

Aquilegia.En Aqiuilegia

Only one species is commercialy grown and is only available April/May MORE

Asclepias.Common name: MilkweedEn asclepias-tuberosa

Asclepias tuberosa (Shown) flowers are ornate yellow and gold. The orange portions are reflexed, or bent back, sepals. Four species are commercialy available in orange, red and white The orange and white varieties are available almost all year round. .MORE

Aster. Common names: Aster, Monte Casino, Rainbow aster, Spray aster.

Description: Asters are dainty, daisy-like flowers with yellow centers distributed over airy sprays. They come in a rainbow of colors including white, pink, hot pink, lavender, red, purple and white. Vase life ranges from five to 14 days.

Special care: Cut stems every two days because they become slimy quickly. Check bouquets for foliage below water line. MORE

Meaning - Contentment, Love; daintiness

AstilbeEn Astilbe

Description. Approx 2ft feathery sprays in reds pink and white. Only three are commercialy available in May - Oct.MORE

AstrantiaEn astrantia_major_roma Common names: Masterwort, Hattie’s pincushion

Only one Astrantia (major roma) (rose pink) is currently commercialy available.

Description: Astrantia has clusters of tiny, delicate, starlike flowers.
Colour: From greenish white to rose pink and red.
Availability: Summer, autumn
Care Tips: Choose when the tiny flowers on the cluster are open. Give them a long drink before use. Their vase life is about 5-10 days.

Bouvardia. Common names: bouvardia

Description: Bouvardia can have single or double star-like blooms that open from tubular necks. Thin, branching stems open up to clusters of blooming florets. Leaves are bright green and pointed. Bouvardia comes in white, pink, salmon, and red and lives one to two weeks. The dainty flowers and soft colors bestow an air of femininity wherever they make an appearance.MORE

BupleurumEn Bupleurum

Only one variety - Griffithii is currently available. Sprays approx 20” long of greenish-yellow flowers, vaguely similar to those of an Alchemilla, fine for cutting and particularly useful for adding an unusual touch to mixed bouquets. MORE

CallistephusEn Callistephus Common names: China Asters

Long stems topped with sprays of clear coloured blooms. Shades of pink, blue, white and red with vibrant yellow centres, the 5cm (2 in.) blooms are on 60cm (2 ft.) stems. Onlt three species available commercialy. Available May-September MORE

Carnation. Common names: Carnation

Description: Flowers are 2 to 3 inches wide on 1- to 2-foot stems. Miniature carnation varieties feature several small flowers on one stem. Colors include white, yellow, pink, red, salmon, fuchsia, deep purple, light green, bi-colors and flecked. The fragrant cut flowers live up to three weeks. Carnations are also popular as potted plants because of their long blooming season. MORE
Pink - gratitude / Red - flashy / Striped - refusal / White - remembrance / Yellow - cheerful

Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum Common names: Chrysanthemum, Mum

Description: Many flower forms are available. Stems may carry one flower or multiple blooms. There are also spoon-shaped, quill-shaped, threadlike or spiderlike florets. Used as both cut flowers and blooming plants, their colors include pink, yellow, red, white, bronze, magenta and purple.MORE

Daffodil. Common names: Daffodil, Narcissus, Jonquil

Description: Six outer petals surround a cup creating a trumpet-style look of this cut flower. Some stems produce one flower; others produce clusters. The outer petals are yellow or white; cups may be white, yellow, orange or salmon, and some have an orange edge.MORE

Special care: Daffodils secrete a sap that can harm other flowers if not properly conditioned. If mixed with other flowers, do not recut as you will cause sap to be released again.
Meaning Chivalry

Delphinium. Common names: Delphinium

Description: Delphiniums provide some of the best cut flowers with a color range including blue, lavender, purple, pink, salmon, rose, red, white, and bi-colors. Flowers grow along spikes with stems that are 1 to 6 feet long. Flowers are either single or double, and foliage is medium green and leafy. Vase life ranges from four to 12 days.MORE

Meaning Boldness

Freesia. Common names: Freesia

Description: Freesias are strongly scented so they make a nice addition to any area. They have five to 10 single or double flowers. Stems are usually 10 to 18 inches long with little or no foliage. The bell-shaped freesia blooms up to seven days and comes in white, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, mauve, lavender, purple and bicolors.MORE

Meaning Spirited.

Gerbera. Common names: Gerbera, Gerbera daisy

Description: Daisy-like blooms grow to 5 inches wide with layers of thin petals. They also grow in many sizes including miniature varieties; single-flowered or double-flowered; and spider varieties. Colors include white, cream, yellow, gold, pink, magenta, salmon, orange, red and bi-colors. MORE

Gladioli. Common names: Gladiolus, Glad, Gladioli

Description: Tall, tightly packed spikes of six to eight blossoms open in sequence from the bottom. The 2- to 8-inch-wide florets bloom in one direction with sword shaped foliage on stems. Gladiolus lend itself to almost any type of style from the use of a full stem to provide height to a tall arrangement or individual florets for corsage and wedding work. Gladiolus last seven to 10 days and are available in a wide variety of colors including white, green, cream, yellow, buff, orange, salmon, pink, red, lavender, purple, blue and terra cotta.MORE

Meaning strength of character

Gypsophila. Common names: Gypsophila, Gyp, Baby's breath

Description: Clusters of tiny, double flowers bloom on branching stems 3 to 4 feet tall. White is the most commonly used color; however, it is also available in pale pink, Gypsophila lives up to a week and dries well.After purchase place the flowers in daylight at room temperature to keep then an attractive shade of white. Available All Year. MORE

Heather. Common names: Heather, Calluna, Scotch heather

Description: These evergreen shrubs consist of tight stems covered with tiny leaves. They have 6- to 10-inch flower spikes and come in purple, lavender, pink and white. Heather is a flowering plant or cut flower. MORE

Helianthus. Common names: Sunflower

Description: These large field-grown flowers have 2- to 8-inch diameters. Short petals surround a large disc. Petal colors are pale or golden yellow, orange, red or bronze; discs are brown, black, or green. Thick stems support single- and double-flower varieties. Available Mar.-Oct.MORE

Special care: Keep sunflowers hydrated to help stems support heavy head weight. Place sunflowers in tall containers to provide adequate support for their height.


The hyacinth has a single dense spike of fragrant flowers in shades of red, blue, white, or yellow.

Hydrangea. Common names: Hydrangea, Hortensia

Description: Four-petaled flowers grow in round clusters that are usually 4 to 8 inches wide. Flowers bloom in white, lavender and pink. While the hydrangea has been a favorite in the garden or landscape for years, it has become a popular cut flower to enhance garden-style arrangements. A clean vase and clean water with cut flower food are important. To prevent drooping, avoid placing the flowers in a draught. Available Mar.-Dec. MORE

Iris. Common names: Iris, Netted iris, Dutch iris

Description: Flowers open to 1 to 3 inches across. Long, thin, pointed leaves grow from the base of the stem. Colors include bluish-purple, deep purple, lavender, white and yellow. Many have yellow markings on the lower part of the petals. Vase life is two to five days. MORE

Liatris. Common names: liatris, spike gayfeather

Description: Unlike other flowers, liatris flowers open and mature from the top of the stem downward. Clustered along the spike, they have a feathery look. Various shades of deep lavender are most common; other colors are bluish shades, violet and white.MORE

Lily (Lilium Logiflorum). Common names: Easter Lily

Description: Stems up to 1 meter high. It bears a number of trumpet shaped, white, fragrant, and outward facing flowers.Beware of pollen which can stain clothes. To avoid either cut off the stamen ends or remove from clothing a brush, by adhesive tape or by hanging in the sun for several hours. Do not use water on the stain. Available All year. MORE

Orchid (Cymbidium). Common names: Orchid, En Orchcymb

Types: Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis

Description: Throughout the world, more than 17,000 species are known, and varieties vary in size and shape. Oncidium blossoms are 1 1/2 to 1 inch and are usually yellow with orange-red markings. Cattleya blossoms are large, ruffled and usually 5 to 6 inches across in white or purple with contrasting throats. Phalaenopsis have moth- or butterfly-shaped flowers in colors such as white, pink, purple and bicolors. Cymbidium and dendrobium flowers have a butterfly-like shape and are 3 to 4 inches acress. The larger of the two, cymbidiums are white, yellow, green or lavender with pink or red lips, while dendrobiums are often white or lavender. MORE

Ornithogalum. Common names: Star of Bethlehem, Chincherinchee En Chincerinchie 2

Description: White flowers, up to 2 inches wide (5 cm), on 2 feet tall stems (60 cm), . The flowers stems are good cut flowers. After purchase remove part of the stem and place in clean water with cut flower food. Do not allow any foliage to hang in the water. Avoid draughts and major fluctuations in temperature Available All year. MORE

Paeonia. Common names: En Paeonia

Description: Stems up to 2-3m tall. They produce large, often fragrant flowers in shades of red to white or yellow in late spring and early summer, and probably the oldest flower in ornamental culture. Any buds that fail to open should be rinsed or immersed in water. Replace the water weekly using cut flower food and cutting a piece off the stems each time. Never leave without water. Available Apr-July MORE

Rose. Rose Common names: tea rose, sweetheart rose,

Description: With almost 120 varieties available, roses are a classic favorite. Roses span the color spectrum with varieties available in all shades of reds, pinks, purples, oranges, corals, peaches and whites. Tea roses open 3 to 4 inches. Stems can be 12 — 30 inches. Spray roses can have several flowers on one stem. Depending on the variety, roses typically last 4 — 7 days.

Special care: Remove foliage that falls below the water line to reduce bacteria, which can cloud water and clog stems. Recut stems under water every two to three days.MORE

Meanings: Pink - friendship / Red - passionate love / Red & white - unity / White - purity Yellow - zealous

Rose (Spray)

As above

Statice. Statice Common names: Statice, Limonium, English statice, German statice, Seafoam statice, Latifolia Sea Lavender

Description: These cut flowers are available in several varieties. English statice carries 1- to 2-inch clusters of calyxes, each about 1/2 inch across. Stems are 1 to 1 1/2 feet long. Seafoam statices have smaller calyxes, arched clusters, smooth stems and no foliage. German statices have small gray bracts that arch backward. English statice calyxes are yellow, white, purple, lavender or pink with tiny white or yellow flowers inside. Latifolia calyxes are white with blue-violet flowers. MORE

Stock. Stock Common names: Stock

Description: Stocks have single or double flowers with a 1-inch diameter and a pleasing clove-like scent. The romantic beauty of this flower brings texture to garden designs, and its sweet, spicy fragrance is an added attraction. Colors range from white, cream, yellow, peach, lavender, pink, purple and burgundy. Vase life is five to eight days. MORE

Special care: Change the water frequently and be sure to remove any foliage below the water line.

Strelitzia. Common names: Bird of paradise

Description: Named for their similarity in shape to the heads of tropical birds, these have multicolored 6-inch flowers held inside green, pointed bracts. Their blooms are bright orange with purple and live one to two weeks. MORE

Tulip. Tulip Common names: tulip

Description: Single flowers have six petals. Flower variations include lily-flowering types, double flowers, fringed petals and ruffly parrot varieties. Colors include white, yellow, pink, peach, orange, red, lavender, purple and bi-colors. Vase life is up to seven days. MORE

Zantedeschia. Common names: Calla, Calla lily

Description: Callas are large flowers with thick, waxy petals and solitary 6- to 8-inch flower heads that make excellent cut flowers and blooming plants. Colors include white, yellow, pink, lavender, rose, orange and green. Vase life is seven to 10 days. MORE

Special care: Water frequently and cut stem ends every few days to prevent curling
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